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We all know that we can manifest through our words, but what if there was a better way?

What if I told you that you could manifest effortlessly using a technique that’s even easier than the Law of Attraction?

You’re in luck because the method of using outer intention to manifest is simple and easy, yet will help you manifest all your desires.

✨✨What is Outer Intention?

Well, let’s start with talking about inner intention so that you can better understand outer intention.

Outer intention is the intention of someone else, another object, a place, etc.

Like people, objects have intentions as well.

Since everything is energy, everything has an intention.

✨✨Manifesting Using Outer Intention

Now that you know what outer intention is, you’re probably wondering, how do I manifest using outer intention? Well, it’s quite simple. Like I said, every person, as well as every object, has an intention. So, in order to manifest using outer intention, you have to tap into the intention of that person or object. So know and remember that the thing you want already exists in a different parallel universe.

There's a version of you that's already earning 10K per month and has the success

There's' a version of you that's already met their soulmate

There's a version of you that already has the social interaction and friendship groups that your seeking

Visualize: The outcome you want as if its already happened , do this every day, AM and PM and FEEL into the energy and bliss of the moment. Visualize to enjoy the process not to be a a chore and you will quickly start to attract and link up to the path of of least resistance to get to your goal.

Take 50/50 action, surrender, un attach to the outcome, trust and have faith its on its way!