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We too often underestimate the power of the subconscious mind and visualization but it is one of the most powerful tools of manifestation if done correctly and there is a process.

Fun Task : Close your eyes and visualize the achievement of your dream goal already happened.

Imagine your living your goal right now and everything has been received that you asked for.

1. Process visualization :

Visualize the process of what you are doing to get to your goal

You don’t have to sit and meditate to do this should be as natural as possible to create :

0 resistance 0 excess potential 0 importance

Write down the list of what you have to to get there. This is should be effortless and emotionally drive you.

2. End goal visualization:

Take 5 minutes to feel into our dream goal happening right now. It doesn’t have to be unreachable. You don’t need to chase it.

You already have it.

Write down the activities you were doing in your vision.

Is it hard to imagine or easy ?