✨✨✨Clearing Negative Emotions That Cause Abundance Blocks 💪

✅✨ The emotional body is a subtle energy field that surrounds your physical body and allows you to interact with the frequencies of emotions.

It is in the emotional body that you store your feelings, passions and desires.

✅✨ Through your emotional body you are able to experience feelings as a way to better understand what you want and don't want in life.

If fact, it's your wants and needs that determines how you feel about yourself in regards to your abundance.

If you want more money in your life to create the experiences in your life then keep scrolling down 👇

✨✨So...Ask yourself: "What do I really want?

In a scale of 1 to 10, how abundant do I feel about having want I want?"

This value determines your level of emotional abundance or better how much abundance energy you are actually able to allow into your life.

If this value is less than 5, you have a lot of emotional energy trapped in your emotional body that is not supporting your abundance energy in a positive way.

✨✨It will be hard for you to achieve what you want if you keep this energy in. It stagnates and energy doesn’t flow, therefore abundance doesn’t flow.

Understand that you have a choice to experience both Lower and higher emotions ranging from anger, fear, guilt, shame to love, compassion and happiness.

🙌Here are some of the typical emotions you may have in regards to lack of money and abundance:

Feeling discouraged of attracting money

Having constant worry about loosing money

Experiencing a sense of failure in your life

Feeling humiliated and shameful about not being

Unworthy and undeserving of more

Feeling insecure about your abilities to create abundance

Feeling rejected of doing something that potentially will make money

Going through sadness and depression for no reason

Feeling unsupported by friends and family about your aspirations

If you want to see abundance in your life, whether material or else, you have to change not only your beliefs, but your energy and feeling.

Why do even want the money ?

What’s your real core why ?

When you've found your why, this is the key to mastering your life!


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