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2019 The Most Transformational Year Of My Life!

So this year has been the most Transformational Year of my life.

It started with setting an intention on New Years Eve : ‘ This year is gonna in to be the most incredible year of my life’ Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, Physically and Financially.

Previous to this : I haven’t exactly had the most fantastic experiences in my life, I was riddled with anxiety, depression, trauma, fear and just overwhelmed of life, I didn’t really see a way out.

I saved up enough money from hours and hours of working hard 😓 to go and study Yoga Psychology & Spiritual development in classical Hatha practice.

I really didn’t know what to expect and it was certainly a journey of unveiling the layers of burdens, traumas, fears and unhappiness that was truly tying me down within.

It was definitely a huge spiritual awakening, learning about how my traumas has actually given me strength to overcome anything and heal from the inside out.

Yoga has been my counselling, natural medication and if I’m honest it saved my life and soul. I found me again. This was only May time.

Prior to this I knew I wanted to teach this transformative journey to others and share my experience and gifts to the world to help others. I really started to question where and how I wanted to live my life.

I had also dabbled in EFT & some Law of attraction techniques but nothing was as effective as Yoga.

Prior to this I studied the incredible journey of Kinetic Divination - A healing system that dissolved subconscious and energetic blocks and I really did go deep into this and I had lots of Aha moments knowing that I had to change my subconcious mind if I really wanted to change my life and heal myself more deeply and teach others how to do the same. This was truly transformational.

I knew i wanted to attract a healthy, happy, abundant life so I had to put the process into play.

Along this journey I sacrificed many many things to improve my life. I had expanded my awareness so much I realized that self sabotaging behaviours like eating meat, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, watching tv, working in the corporate industry was not serving me. I had to self invest.

This was to stop wasting money of materialistic crap and invest in coaches and programmes.

I took many good looks at myself along the way and asked myself what I wanted and what I needed.

I’ve done sooooo much inner work and I have shifted my whole self and reality in 11 months.

Then I learnt about Reality transurfing and identify shifting and well that just moved me into a completely different way of being and becoming. More on this at a later date. ✨✨

If I have three questions to ask yourself they would be :

What do you want ?

What is holding you back ?

Is it yourself or others ?

What do you think is possible ?

You can absolutely change your reality