Creative Accelerator Packages 

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Creative Soul Writing

Private soul writing session's are a intuitive connective writing process to your divine dialogue.

Its about telling the truth of your soul through going into the depths of who you are and why you do what you do. 

Through this package you will open your heart and connect to your innate wisdom, learn how to channel your most authentic and transparent communicate and fully express your soul voice through truthful and trusting self-inquiry. 

This package guides you to create your writing project, unblock your life and hidden talent, finding your soul purpose and fully expressing your unique genius onto the world. If you are a soul entrepreneur this ideal for finding your soul brand, mission or business story to really connect with your tribe. 

Sessions are 1:1, tailored to you individually. 


Platform: Zoom. 


90 minutes, £197 


Learn to write from your intuition and develop a business aligned with your soul purpose. 

Soul business package


6 Sessions at 90 minutes per session, £997:

Develop a brand, mission statement and strategic approach to communicating online and offline that is alignment with your soul purpose

Return to your true self package


6 sessions at 90 minutes per session, £997

Connect to your divine wisdom and voice.

Discover your authentic self and passion. 

Allow love to be the guiding force and write from your authentic self without fear of judgement.

Self love and abundance package


6 sessions at 90 minutes per session, £997

Let go of what no longer serves you and heal your heart.

Create what you love starting from self love and acceptance.

Love the skin your in and live in prosperous abundance inside out. 

Sound like an exciting journey of self discovery, soul actualization and personal growth?

I'm ready to get creative and visible..

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Creative Vibrational Branding

Reputation and branding is the key component of successful visibility on social media and marketing your business.

The energy and emotions of the colours, words, pictures - brand you are all portray a powerful story to the audience you are aiming to attract.

Energy and emotion is key to business success.

Standing out above the crowd of noise and competition out there is vital for business success of your unique brand as this is what creates instant connection with your clients.

Working to your bespoke needs I offer creatively channeled and intuitive branding that speaks a thousand words and acts as a magnet to your prospects.

Whether its a logo, banner, social posts or stylized personal photos I offer bespoke branding solutions to fit your service, budget values that speaks you and what you do. 

There's nothing worse than outdated shabby looking social platform that doesn't display your genius and soulless stock photos !


Social media re-brand (Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter )



Includes free consultation, social media branding audit..


I offer anything from..

Banners across all channels 


Zoom backgrounds

Turning your branding photos to posts

 Videos and updating profile photos 

Website re-brand 




Includes free consultation, website and email audit

Through personalized website branding we renew, revitalize and revamp your website so it speaks you and your brand..

Email signatures personalization

Google services personalization

Single social media digital creation

(Includes free consultation)




Choose from :


Digital business card




You tube channel art 

Recipe card

Facebook event card 

Animated social media 

Monthly social media branding 

From £97 per month

Posting regularly is key to business traction, recognition and visibility 

I offer monthly branding solutions to cover your social platforms 

For example..

10 Instagram posts / stories personalized to your brand, words, image and message  


Big Project ?

Like a social media personal video ?


Book a call link below to discuss your needs. 


Creative Soul Expression:

Embodiment Yoga

Embodiment is the fulfillment of yoga - union.


Embodiment yoga is a therapeutic transformative practice of awakening and using the unique sensations of your body as a tool to turning into your inner self and discovering the depth of your soul for expansion of consciousness, self awareness, self discovery, healing, presence to feel whole, balanced and connected. 

Yoga has an array of mind - body benefits that facilitate the bodies natural healing processes and  is ideal if you have been through a chronic stress or trauma. 

Embodied yoga also helps you to reclaim your body, igniting creativity, confidence and harnessing sexual empowerment. 


Through consistent practice it balances your feminine and masculine energy system so you come to know yourself on deeper levels and embody your full soul expression fully.


You become enriched and unstoppable.


When you practice embodied yoga with self commitment, you really learn to know more about yourself and love yourself more.

You discover your deeper purpose and become empowered inside out. 


Find transformation through yoga.


Embodiment Yoga has been my biggest modality for transformation in my life. 


Sessions are on 1:1 and held on zoom.



Free 30 minute taster session 


Single 90 minute session £97

Block of three session package £297

Block of six session package £497

Want to embody your best version of self?


Creative Soul Voice Package

Have you become distrustful of your inner voice or do you struggle to communicate fully with what you want really to say..

You may feel shy, stuck in secrecy and be too much of an introvert for your own good...


You may feel like your stuck holding onto secrets or that people aren't paying attention or you can't find the right words for your feelings...

You want to speak your inner truth but you may be afraid of being that vulnerable..

This package is aimed at unlocking your confidence, assertiveness, creativity and full expression so you can communicate your rawest and wild truth from a place of intregrity and courage..

Especially if your a business owner and its a necessity to speak and get yourself out there, network, collab, do lives and be visible!


After these sessions you should expect to have a clear and strong intention of expressive self confidence..

You will be open, fluent, honest and are able to freely share your truth from a place of definitive interaction with others.. 

When you need guidance, you'll know you can turn to your inner soul voice and trust it without doubt..

It will be your biggest teacher...

You will experience more joy, trust, clarity and freedom as a result of being able to communicate confidently and effectively..


People will understand what you are about..


They will attentively listen.. 


You can speak out and just be you, how good would that feel ?

Ready to stop playing small and open your unique voice ?

I'm ready to speak my true voice and network for success


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