Creative Accelerator Sessions 

Image by Jess Bailey

Creative Soul Writing Package 

Ideal for conscious creatives, soul practitioners and business owners. Discover your soul voice.

Soul writing starts from the inner self.

Release the writers block and  learn how to access your creative imagination and power to follow your intuition for your story to flow. 

I will guide you into sensory and intimate connection with your higher self to write and create and engaging and compelling story from getting into a flow state. Express your unique voice out to the world whether its creation of a video, book, blog or social content to emotionally connect with the depth of your soul and your audience. Its a medium to connect with your heart.

Speak your truth. 

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Vibrational Branding Package

Ideal for conscious creatives, soul practitioners and business owners.

You were born to stand out and you came to this world for a reason. 

Allow the power of your vibrational social media brand to create instant client connection.  

It is key to stand out on social media these days with so much noise and competition it's vital to be identified and distinguished quickly in the minds of your clients motions. Emotion and energy is everything. 

Working to your bespoke needs I offer creative, channeled and intuitive branding that is instantly going to attract your audience like a magnet.


Creative Soul Expression - 

Embodiment yoga

Allow the creative heart opening power of cacao, yoga and embodiment to awaken your passion, pleasure and purpose. Find your inner truth and connect with your sensual creative power and unleash it into the world. Through these sessions you drop out of your minds through ceremonial cacao and invite your body to connect with your feminine energy to ease through a safe and sacred flow of movement, feeling, sensation to access that inner freedom, self love, wisdom, intuition and strength. Feel fully alive and empowered inside out. 

Image by Zulmaury Saavedra

Creative Soul Voice Package 

Ideal for those who have blocks around sharing their voice and public speaking. Reclaim your creative soul's voice unlocking the throat chakra. Speak your souls truth purely from a place of transparency. Learn to listen and express yourself from a place of clear higher communication and harness the integration of the heart and mind in a graceful and harmonious way. 

Voice out to the world your deepest feelings and watch the ripple effect of your impactful presence to people listen attentively.

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