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Soul Alignment Actualization 

About Soul Alignment Activation


Awaken your soul and live in alignment with who you truly are..


You are a business owner, soul practitioner or conscious creative and you know you were born for more..

Truth is you can create your one year vision in 90 days or less! 


You've had your business for a few years and come to a cross roads and you feel lost in the mist of uncertainty and feel confused and can't seem to break through the noise of competition..

You procrastinate and diverse with the amount of ideas you have but you can't focus..

You've had several coaches, tried different therapies and modalities but you feel like you have wasted your money because your still stuck with actualizing your full creative potential..


You struggle to be seen and you struggle to attract your tribe of people, you just don't know how to express your creativity fully to the point of being recognized for your creative soul work that you do...

Your done with staying small and you want to make a bigger impact, influence and earn more consistently from the life changing work you do..


Well the good news is you are in the right place ..


In order to create a shift in your life from inwards out to leverage your full potential to have to create the internal shift from within..


Who you are right now will never achieve the goals you've set for yourself until ...


You become the version of yourself who truly feels it in their entire being..


It can be a dark and lonely place when you run your own business..

Often you may feel like no one gets you...


You often get so emotionally involved in your work and you can become quickly drained of energy..


You can be prone to unhealthy destructive habits and patterns..


Absorbing other people’s energy and barriers of beliefs that block you from creating your full potential..


One minute you can can have spontaneous bursts of energy and momentum…


Then feel knocked out and deflated for weeks and sabotage our success easily …


You may not realize your problems are..


Your past life experiences weigh heavily in your subconscious mind often from an upbringing or ancestral patterns..


Hearing over and over as a child that rich people are greedy ..

Or you can't make money doing what you love..

Your hidden blocks are the battle and it is challenging your efforts to be in your creative flow..

Or you may have sibling rivalry or sexual blocks like low libido that has a knock on effect in your business life...


You often overstretch and overwhelm yourself with the wrong clients who drain your energy and waste your time…


You may find that your introvert character keeps you stuck and small and unable to speak your voice or be fully visible..


Trust and self worth are your biggest challenges so you over give..

The lack of self belief you have you find it hard to make the next leap and up-level..

You struggle with work life balance..

Consistent aches and pains are common as is anxiety..

You don't have a fulfilling self relationship or sex life..

You find it hard to say no and just follow what lights you up..

Well I have a solution..


Many of my clients have had the same issues in the past...

They didn't feel connected or aligned with their purpose, they were often chasing other peoples ideas of success and coming from place of fear, scarcity and holding onto supportive belief patterns..


I've also been there too and doesn't have to be this way..

I help you to be a leader from a place of love, passion, pleasure and inspiration..


I guide you how to make friends with the inner critic and release unhealthy self judgement and not care what others think..


I guide you to find your intuition and inner knowing and self master your demons..


So you can take the courage to confidently communicate your truth and define your message in a raw but powerful way..


Where you you claim what you please and sell from your heart..


Connecting with your soul purpose, you live in the present moment and every day is an adventure..

You live more consciously, listening to and being able to follow your deep innate wisdom to create consistent self realization, business alignment & upgrades in your life, I'm here to point you in the right direction...


Where you are..


Full of energy..

Become a magnetic manifestor

Knows what he / she wants...

Gets it..

Sets clear and healthy boundaries and is able to not tolerate crap..

Can say no without guilt..

You can charge your worth without fear and lack..

Feels confident, balanced, grounded and clear-headed

Creates consistent expansive income doing what you love..

Is streamlined, fierce and powerful leader..


It’s not just about adopting a 'positive' mindset..


Or just strategy..


It’s actually 20 % strategy, 80 % energetic work!


Success and freedom is closely linked to our deep rooted emotions.. 


I’m here as your coach and mentor to help you say goodbye to fear, shame, grief, sense of lack and scarcity..


(Where your energy is magnetic and powerful)...


When you're not trying too hard...


I help you heal your blocks, to make a huge impact to many for future generations & collective..




Because it's your birthright...


You will learn how to step back into your power..


To stop giving your energy away...


Love yourself first then you will be loved...


You will stop attracting nightmare energy draining clients..


You will love what you do more and earn more by sacrificing less..

Truth is you can create your one year vision in 90 days or less! 


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