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Self Mastery for women is about delivering you a completely bespoke & intuitive service in order to create a shift in your internal and external world in all aspects of your life..

Focusing on business expansion, prosperity consciousness & self love...


Who you are right now will never achieve the goals she's set for herself....


You must become version of yourself who truly feels..



of the goals she's set for herself...

Self Mastery for women is about healing and letting go of the past so you can create in such a way that it allows you to swiftly shift into the version of you that attracts the desires that the current version has...

(without exhausting your efforts with just relying on mental doing action)..

Believe me there's an easier way...

Its not just about adopting a 'positive' mindset..

It comes down to aligning your deeper subtle layers of self through your energetic and emotional potential....

Using your intuition and transcending it..

I see so many women in business suffer from burnout, overwhelm, adopting the very masculine archetype..

There is a much gentler and supportive way...

(Where your energy is magnetic and powerful)...

When your not trying too hard...

You will access the innate goddess within you & awaken her beauty ..


To your truest potential..

You will learn how to step back into your power..

To stop giving your energy away...

Love yourself first then you will be loved...

Earn more doing what you love..


Attract more high paying clients that love your work and will buy from you with ease..

You will love more and earn more by sacrificing less..

You should expect to regain mastery over body, mind, thoughts and feelings..

No longer a slave to your emotional bondage..

Dissolve conflict, confusion, fear and frustration..

Guilt, shame, resentment and grief will be transmute from pains to purpose..

So you can express your truth with clarity and confidence ..

Be the powerful extraordinary women you were born to be..

This divine feminine & your divine masculine will become balanced..

So you will have a deeper connection and intimacy with yourself...

You will attract more meaningful, fulfilling relationships and be a magnet to expansive opportunities...

That sky rocket your success and become irresistible to love, money and magic!

You will learn acceptance..

Ignite inspiration and desire from the heart not the ego..

Regain the love you require for yourself then others will love you...

Experience deeper peace, calm, connection and compassion for yourself..

This is about getting out your head and into your heart..
Anything you want can be had..

However, this program is not one-size-fits-all; It isn't for everyone so do choose wisely before booking a Free breakthrough discovery call here : https://donnamarieselfmastery.youcanbook.me