Welcome to Donna Marie Self Mastery!

I have created my unique brand of Spiritual Wealth Mastery & Money Magnetism Coaching helping intuitive, highly sensitive empath entrepreneur's to stop sabotaging their success, release toxic money blocks, maximize their energy & upscale their business to earn consistent desired & expansive income & loving the process whilst doing so!

Through the power off KD, Shadow Alchemy, Inner child healing & Yoga, you release the blocks to abundance and you can directly use the magic & magnetic power of your awakened energy to create unlimited prosperity, happiness, well being & true freedom. 

My Spiritual Wealth Mastery Coaching Package has been created to help you develop a powerful presence with your subconscious mind for therapeutic transformation to remove money blocks and open you up to love and money using the law of attraction the right way.

Improve your self love by maximizing your inner power..

for limitless manifesting and unlimited personal growth!

My clients get results from session one..

About Spiritual Wealth Mastery Activation


Rewire your subconscious and awaken your heart's desires


Heal the heart and shift yourself at an energetic, expansive and identity, level for success, wealth and love!


Remove deep hidden self limiting beliefs, fears and doubts and embody your 6 figure 2.0 self, without self sabotaging your success!

Connect to your truth and inner guidance and raise your vibration so you become a consistent match to more high quality clients, who value your work



Money, Miracles & Magnetism for intuitive empath entrepreneurs!


In order to create a shift in your life from inwards out to leverage your full potential. 


Who you are right now will never achieve the goals you've set for yourself....


You must become the version of yourself who truly feels..










Being an empath my whole life I know what it’s like to be born different…


It can be a dark and lonely place..

Often we feel like no one gets us..


We are highly sensitive intuitive’s and feel more than the average person and because of our sensitive nature…


We can become quickly drained in energy..


Can be prone to destructive habits and patterns..


Absorb other people’s energy, traumas and barrier of beliefs that block us from creating our full potential..


We can have spontaneous bursts of energy and momentum…


Then feel knocked out and deflated for weeks and sabotage our success easily …


We often grow up through heavy hardship, suffering and live with hidden money blocks..


Empaths seem to have this miraculous way of energetically rejecting money...often unconsciously ..(you're often not aware of it)


We fear being greedy or selfish..


We blindly accept that money is wrong or it's corruptive..


Often from an upbringing or ancestral patterns


Hearing over and over as a child that rich people are greedy ..


That you can’t be spiritual and rich from society..


Then we suck it up..


You feel so much and you can take on so much..


Often overstretching and overwhelming yourself…


A sensitive person can really find themselves in survival mode…


Then you're left feeling numb, stuck, undesirable and broken..


I turned my darkest days of being an unaware empath business woman of 8 years round into becoming an empowered visionary empath... 


This means I can take negative toxic energy, process it and transmute that shit to stay lit, abundant & forever expansive....


and no longer have exhaustion from others, dimming my light. 


The empowered embodied empath is about embracing our empathic gift and maximizing it to its fullest superpower so you can create money and miracles like a magnet…


Through ways of living more consciously, present in the moment, listening to and being able to follow your deep innate wisdom to create consistent self realization, business alignment & upgrades in your life!


To the point where you...


Are full of energy..

Become a magnetic manifestor

Knows what he / she wants...

Gets it..

Sets clear and healthy boundaries and is able to not tolerate crap..

Can say no without guilt..

You can charge your worth without fear and lack..


Feels confident., balanced, grounded and clear-headed

Creates consistent expansive income doing what you love..

Is streamlined, fierce and powerful leader..


It’s not just about adopting a 'positive' mindset..


Or just strategy..


It’s actually 20 % strategy, 80 % energetic work!


The energy of money is closely linked to our emotions and deep rooted unprocessed trauma / emotions..


I’m here as your coach and mentor to help you say goodbye to fear, shame, grief, sense of lack and scarcity..


(Where your energy is magnetic and powerful)...


When you're not trying too hard...


The energy of money is one of our greatest human lessons…


I help you heal your money wounds, to make a huge impact to many for future generations & collective..




Because it's your birthright...


You will learn how to step back into your power..


To stop giving your energy away...


Love yourself first then you will be loved...


You will stop attracting nightmare energy draining clients..


You will love more and earn more by sacrificing less..


You should expect to regain mastery over body, mind, thoughts and feelings..


Dissolve conflict, confusion, fear and frustration..


Guilt, shame, resentment and grief will be transmute from pains to purpose..


and monetizing your business to 10 k + months consistently from your intuitive gifts..



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